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Reading Millicent...

If you haven't read The Winged Child yet, I'll be reading from the opening chapters for you on TikTok. Drop by and listen for a bit, have you the time. @taledrover The Winged Child - prologue #thewingedchildnovel #taledrover #magical realism #readings #henrymitchellauthor #fiction #novels ♬ original sound - Henry Mitchell

Thanks Rosemary

I've never met Rosemary J. Kind in person. Never even talked with her on the phone. She was my publisher and editor through three novels and two collections of short stories. Though we kept an ocean between us, we exchanged lots of emails. She took a chance on my stuff when nobody else would, and Alfie Dog Fiction remained my sole publisher for eight years. Ros Kind is a ruthless editor, and she, more than anyone else, taught me to write fiction. She read the manuscript for The Winged Child   before anybody on my side of the Big Water saw it, and informed me with her accustomed candor, "You need a genre publisher for this one."  She was right, as usual. I've landed in a good place with Creative James Media . My second novel with CJM, Among the Fallen , will be released in February 2023. But a wanderer always remembers the home he left. Rosemary, thanks for all of it. Millicent thanks you, too.

Thanks, Jinny...

  Thanks, Jinny Alexander, for the unsolicited review of The Winged Child . This is all I was trying to do. Praise from a fellow author is doubly gratifying. " A beautiful, magical, topical, gritty read. That it can cover all those bases AND be beautifully written is masterful."   - Jinny Alexander