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From a reader...

    Stephen Drew, author of Into the Thin , has obviously fallen in love with Millicent McTeer as much as I have. His Amazon review of her tale is humbling and gratifying to her author. To read any book is an experience in relationship with the story and characters, with the author’s voice. Often, it’s a matter of simply reading, absorbing, turning pages, then reflecting on what’s been offered. Sometimes, though, there’s more. There are characters framed in such a way that I fall in love with them, storytelling that compels me to turn pages, a narrative voice that pulls me onto those pages, and that allows reading them to become the high point of the day. I then come to a place where I begin reading more slowly as the book becomes thin in the right hand, and I realize this has to end soon. Such was my relationship with this book. Whatever could be left but to reread? Henry Mitchell’s tale brings me to some of my favorite places, through portals, folds of time (and no time

For love or money...

Sunshine is more fun to walk in than rain. Love lasts longer than money. This author writes for love. My books do sell occasionally, and to keep myself honest as a writer, I give away my author's royalties. Royalties from The Winged Child are going to the Pop-up Pantry of Saluda .