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Come with us...

I have mixed feelings about hawking my books, even my favorite and latest, The Winged Child . Pumping it up on social media feels to me somehow demeaning and depressing, reeks of desperation. That's my problem, perhaps. I simply can't feel warm and fuzzy toward an algorithm. On the other hand, I love to talk about my novel, read from it, answer questions for people who have a genuine interest, who share a space and a connection, and I will happily travel some miles for a reading and discussion at a reader's group or an independent bookstore. A blog is somewhat more intentional than Facebook or Twitter. I'm assuming you are reading this because something I wrote resonates, and I'm grateful for your notice. If we can't meet in a realworld location somewhere soon, I'll be reading for you from The Winged Child on this blog over the coming weeks. Give me your questions, and I'll answer them, too. Welcome to this journey with Millicent McTeer and her author.