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Live launch- The Winged Child...

  Thanks to Creative James Media for the live virtual launch of The Winged Child today. Watch it here .

Live Book Launch Feb 21...

  Virtual Book Launch, live on Twitter and Facebook 5:00 pm eastern time, hosted by Creative James Media.

The Winged Child - a review...

Another review of my favorite literary Child (the winged one). This assessment comes from writer and visual artist, Sharon Clabo , who works not far south from here, in Lizella, Georgia. Genre-defying Cutting Edge Thought  Henry Mitchell's newest novel, The Winged Child, defies classification, choosing instead to marry cutting-edge science with an intriguing and fantastical sort of "otherness," a potent and nutritious stew of important ideas presented in the form of an original and intriguing novel.  In the book, Present, Past, and Future are shown as separable only in our minds, when in fact they exist all of a piece; in other words, the present, past, and future are "one," a refrain that is often repeated in the book by a songbird.  To this reader, the book's many layers can be seen as interrelated learning experiences, lessons necessary before any sentient being can even begin to arrive at its ultimate destiny, or what some might choose to cal

Wayseeker speaks...

  What follows is not merely David Longley's review of The Winged Child that makes me feel good about my book. It is a beautiful piece of writing that makes me feel good about life. Precariously poised on our tip-toes, leaning out over the endless void, arms outstretched, hearts aflutter with anticipation, side by side atop the picnic table... We were what? 2 or 3 years old? Towel-capes diaper-pinned around our tiny necks. We knew we could fly. We just...knew it. We were so much lighter then: physically, ontologically, emotionally. Life...the whole world...was enchanted. Anything was possible. We lose that, don't we? 9 to 5's, mortgages, the weight of adulthood: it all piles on to smother the whimsy, curiosity and lightness of being. In Through the Ages by Cloud Cult, Craig Minowa sings: I'm done being stupid and worried and dramatic So I lay down my every disguise So if ever I can't see the magic around me, please take my hands off my eyes What Mitchell acc