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Every story has to start somewhere...

    When I was shopping around the Winged Child manuscript, a publisher over the water read it and exclaimed "At last, a story that begins at the beginning." They promptly offered a contract and the only reason they didn't get the book was that by the time they read the manuscript and responded, I'd received and accepted an offer from my current publisher, Creative James Media . Sometimes, the beginning (or even the end) of a story is hard to pin down, because no story that is read or lived stands alone. Every story is a story within a story, exists in an endless chain of narratives. There's always a back story, a prequel and a sequel, if not written, at least implied and hinted at in the tale one is reading currently. As for this novel, The Winged Child begins- well, watch the video and I'll tell you.  Henry's books .

The Real Millicent...

Readers sometimes ask, where did The Winged Child come from? Who was the real Millicent McTeer? In the "real" world, The Winged Child is named Kate. She is all grown up now but she still remembers how to fly. You can find links to get her book and read more about Millicent McTeer here .