Is it real?

In The Winged Child, young Millicent McTeer grows up at Hillhaven Inn with her doting parents, indulgent staff and resident ghosts. Hillhaven also provides a scene setting in three of my other novels (Between Times, Laurel Falls, Slick Rock Creek) as well as a couple of short stories. A reader might wonder if it is a real place.

It is real to me. I have been there, eaten there, slept there, and yes, it is as much haunted in this world as in my books. Of course, on the map, it goes by a different name and it isn't in Asheton (although not far away). The first reader who can identify the "real" Hillhaven, will get a free signed copy of The Winged Child when she flies in February.

The Winged Child will be available for pre-order starting December 1.

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  1. Ok..wild it the Biltmore?

    1. Biltmore is much fancier, Sharon, but you're only about forty miles off.


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