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 The Winged Child is a made-up tale about made-up characters in a made-up landscape. The characters do resemble to greater or lesser degree actual people I have met some time or other. The settings, too, while not corresponding precisely to anything you might find on a map, do look a lot like places I have passed through here and there.

If you could find your way around Asheton in the novel, you wouldn't get lost in Asheville, North Carolina. Shelton Crossing in the Laurel Creek Containment District looks a lot like Hot Springs North Carolina some decades past. The Long Broad could pass for the French Broad and Pigeon Rivers in our world. If you've ever hiked in the Richland and Plott Balsam mountains in the Shining Rock Wilderness Area of western North Carolina, you would be right at home in the High Balsams with Millicent McTeer.

The Shaconage would fit neatly into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park along the North Carolina-Tennessee border. In fact, Shaconage is the original Cherokee name for the Smokies, as those mountains are popularly known today. Millicent's times may seem unsettlingly familiar to us, as well. Politics and ideologies don't change anymore than people do. They just keep circling round under different flags and labels.

So, The Winged Child, is just a contrived fiction, a kind of artful lie, if you will. But, as Picasso said, art is a lie that shows us the truth.

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