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Welcome the wanderer...

  On page twenty-five of The Winged Child , Amelia Montford, Millicent McTeer's mother, sings this little song to a suppertime crowd at Hillhaven Inn. A reader at home in a liturgical Christian tradition might see it as a Eucharistic image. The author won't deny that the song could be about that, too, and Millicent herself would be convinced that everybody who hungers is welcome at God's table, whether the table is set at Hillhaven Inn, or in a refugee camp, or if one can't find a better place, even in church. Welcome to the wanderer, the stranger at our door, It matters not your origin, if you be rich or poor, We only ask your right good will to share our humble feast, We'll drink health to the mightiest and drink joy to the least, for none is lesser than the rest and none the more than all who gather at our table here to fill our love-lit hall.   The Winged Child is coming February 2022 from Creative James Media . Henry's books . If you would like

Millicent meets the Queen's Crown...

From The Winged Child:        Millicent found it in a fold in the rock, obscured by vines, a cleft so narrow they had to drop their packs to squeeze through. A glimmer of light ahead and a draft of cool moist air on their faces met them halfway, and another five minutes of confined squirming brought them through to a narrow glen. Dappled sunlight filtered down through towering spruce and fir. Beyond the trees, tumbles and steeps of fractured schist and gneiss rose on all sides. Variegated mosses and lichen clung to the stones and the trunks of the trees, pendanted from their lower branches, blanketed the ground. Everywhere, from this living carpet, emerged hundreds, no, thousands of Queen’s Crown lilies arrayed in colors known and inconceivable. Hues that were seen with the eye and felt on the skin and heard in the ear, mind washing, soul cleansing color, pure and deep and intense beyond any measure and definition.   The Winged Child is coming February 2022 from Creative James M


Here it is! Creative James Media revealed The Winged Child cover today. The book will be out in February. Diana Toledo Calçado at Triumph Book Covers came up with a great design that evokes the images I carried in my head while I wrote the novel. It has been a long journey to this point for Millicent McTeer and me, and I'm hopeful and deeply grateful to find our tale in such capable and empathetic hands. Henry's books . If you would like to deliver The Winged Child directly to your email inbox, click here .

It's happening...

A busy July ahead for Millicent McTeer, The Winged Child . Galleys will arrive any day now, and Creative James Media will reveal the cover around the middle of the month. There's a lot yet to do before The Winged Child flies in February. Millicent's mentor, the púca, Wendl will appear in a short story, Abigail's Guest , included in an upcoming anthology from the same publisher. Wendl is also the protagonist in my current work-in-progress, a novel with the working title, Wendl the Fallen. I wouldn't be surprised if Millicent doesn't show up in that one, too. My characters tend to survive past their books, like a company of traveling thespians, popping up again in various guises down the road in somebody else's story.   Henry's books . If you would like to deliver The Winged Child directly to your email inbox, click here .