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  Millicent McTeer, the winged child introduced to readers in a short story, Precocious , in my 2020 collection, Early Dark , will return in her own novel, The Winged Child, in February 2022. Meanwhile, you can get acquainted with her parents, Amelia Montford and Joshua McTeer, and discover something of the McTeer family's mysterious and intriguing history, in my 2016 novel, Laurel Falls .   Henry's books .

If you liked her then...

Millicent McTeer (aka The Winged Child) had a hard time finding a home with a publisher. Over a hundred and fifty queries went out before she clicked with Creative James Media . I'm exceeding grateful for their discernment. Millicent, it seems, had a genre identity problem. A fairytale for adults doesn't fit neatly into any of the little boxes publishers find so comforting. What age group is this for? It it Fantasy? Satire? Action? Mystery? Speculative? A love story? The Winged Child is all those things. If you read Early Dark , my short story collection that came out last year, you met Millicent in the opening story. If you liked her then, you will love her book when it arrives in February. Henry's books .