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First contact...

The Winged Child , a novel coming February 2022. Yes, there be dragons in it. "Millicent McTeer saw the dragon for the first time on her twelfth birthday. Once she had seen, it was impossible to unsee, so Millicent encountered the entity repeatedly after that, in various hues and shapes, amid all sorts of wild and unforeseen circumstances. Millicent had read about dragons, of course, but assumed they only inhabited screens and paper. She was not looking for dragons on that spring morning at her family’s cabin in the mountains above Asheton. It didn’t occur to her until much later that the dragon may have been looking for her."   - from The Winged Child   Henry's books .

The road...

  "  ...some miles ahead along this benighted road were people she knew and loved with a mutual affection. Wherever she had been, she was going home. She didn’t know if the prospect made her happy or sad, but upon reflection, it satisfied her longing soul."  - from The Winged Child Henry's books .