This time next year...

Editor and I have both survived the first round of edits on The Winged Child. We remain on good terms and it still looks like my book. I begin to be hopeful that all involved will come through the storm intact.

The process of bringing a book to publication really is a sort of storm, a gathering of sometimes opposing energies that rises to a spectacular and not altogether painless release. The whole idea is to make a big splash while hanging on to one's soul.

February 15, 2022 is the Big Day. We have a whole year ahead to get it right. You are invited to come along and see how we manage.


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  1. Wow, the editing process sounds very harrowing, but since I've no doubt you will hang onto your soul, I have no reason to doubt that after all the "rounds" of editing are done, The Winged Child will fly high.

    1. Sharon according to Editor, TWC flies away to the proof reader next. There is a lot of interesting stuff, however, going on over the coming months that my previous publishers apparently weren't acquainted with. Initial editing was actually relatively painless. It makes a world of difference when your editor really gets what your book wants to say.

  2. Oop..I thought I had already subscribed to these special emails, but then thought I hadn't and subscribed again. Ah well, not I'll be certain not to miss anything!


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