In the end, we begin...

The Winged Child, my fifth novel, opens in an alternate future/past where we meet a little girl who might know how to fly, a neurobotanist who might be a dragon, an innkeeper who might be a machine, and a politician who might be the antichrist. The little girl grows up, of course. That gives us the tale. 

One might think that writing fiction would get easier with practice. My first book, The Summer Boy was written in less than a year. Each morning when I woke, what I needed to write that day was already in my head. Every book since has made me dig a little deeper, work a little harder than the one before. It has taken a bit over two years to write this unworldly tale about Millicent McTeer, The Winged Child.  

Creative James Media has contracted to publish it in February 2022, so my book has now become my job. That doesn't mean it ceases to be fun, but until now, the only fool I had to contend with was myself. Going forward, I must answer to other people. It will take a lot of work and hassle over the next year to turn a manuscript into a published book. The process will doubtless improve my character and my novel. It should be an interesting ride. Welcome aboard.

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  1. I think I'm nearly as anxious as you are, Henry, to see "The Winged Child" in print! I also am amazed that it's happened in what I think of as "only" two years! Your success stories with all of your novels continue to inspire me and give me hope, though the best thing they do is give me joy. Ok, up off your laurels now and get moving on those short stories, then on to that novel-in-waiting!!

    1. Sharon, I finished the first short story today, titled (for now) "PĂșca," about Ward Bryant, a post mid-life writer who is not all he hoped he'd be by now and his mysterious new neighbor, Tsula Stone, who is not everything she seems to be. There's a white fox in there, too.

      It's a right quirky tale. It might please a right quirky reader (or publisher).


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